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I took the IELTS preparation course at HB Education Consultant. In only 3 weeks, I could achieve great improvements with the solid and strong support of Nicole. I pushed my score considerably from 6.0 to 7.5 and to be honest, the motivation and energy I faced were highly contagious. The results of the IELTS exam have a huge impact on my future and I think that choosing the HB Education Consultant preparation course was probably one of my best decisions.

Farooq Umer

I would attribute my high IELTS score to the method of teaching and the exceptional staff. Each lesson was very informative and interactive hence, it was easy to ask questions or gain clarification. HB Education Consultant teachers was very friendly and helpful and I was comfortable during each lesson.

Basheer Haider

I highly recommend HB Education Consultant IELTS especially to the people who need writing and speaking feedback in exam-like conditions. I took the speaking + writing course which includes face-to-face speaking assessment and detailed writing feedback.

Jamal Kashif
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