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As you plan your international education, it’s important to consider what type of housing you’ll be most comfortable living in.

There are a number of opportunities for students. You can stay with a host family, in a hostel, apartment, student halls, residential colleges, or private rental property.

Remember, your choice of home can have a serious impact on your education, health and overall well-being. While there can be a multitude of options, getting the right one can make your study experience a fulfilling and enjoyable one.

Many students choose to live at the university or college (often referred to as ‘on campus’) or live with a local family when they first arrive. This allows you to become familiar with your new city and instantly have a network of people to support you.

Living with your friends in a rental property outside of the campus can be one of the most cost-saving options but this option does mean you will be living closely with other people. Here are some tips to help your new household run smoothly.

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Everyone has different living habits. Establishing some clear house rules in the beginning can help you avoid difficult or awkward situations later on. Here are some common house rules.

  • Cleaning up after cooking
  • Refilling the toilet roll after it finishes
  • Ensure you flush the toilet after each use
  • Consult your housemate before bringing any friends over
  • Consult your housemate before borrowing any items
  • Billing –  Who is in charge and how is the bill split
  • Quiet period as each one of us has different sleeping hours
  • Rules of using communal spaces (what should be left there, volume, etc)
  • Refrigerator – Ensure each one gets a shelf or space
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